Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All most done

Well it's been a busy morning for me....I've just done most of my homework for this lesson of YAAD, up to part E which i have to say is looking a wee bit hard coz i don't actually see that Greek mythology and the Wiccan wheel of the year have that much in maybe i will go that route?

Just got to draw out my woodle...which I'm looking forward to doing and write the solitaire project thing up...hmm that will interesting for sure..

so i'm off to put my feet up and eat some chocolate...coz i can....

love Jewell

4 reflections:

Anonymous said...

Have some chocolate for me will you! Sorry I wont be able to make it to your pregnancy ritual on the weekend.......I will be there in doing some readings at 2.30 that day......sorry...w.w.

dragonesque said...

So jealous about YAAD homework - well done!

Sending you remote blessings for your pregnancy ritual on Sunday.

*hugs* to you

Michelle said...

And me too!

I wish I could be there. Have a lovely ritual.


Anonymous said...