Sunday, May 30, 2010

Going's on

What's been happening in my neck of the woods....


I've been to SYD to see Wicked....and it was

I've had a day at a day relaxing

I've spend some great time with the kids

I've had a changeling put into my son Bear's place....grrrrr

I've had my veggie patch take off due to the rain...

I've not written anymore on my book....grrr again

I've been telling my son "Berti the Bear" stories each night so now i need to write these down...grrrr once again...when to get the time one asks

I've eaten way too much chocolate....pop goes Jewell!!!

I've been to see John Overholt...and he was great...and he loved my symbol I designed for him...and he gave me a great plug on the night...

I've not spent too much money this week...much be the rain!!!

I've had Hubby home for most of the week..hmmmm good thing? / bad thing?

I've now got a brand new LCD TV...wooohoo...the picture is so awesome....

I've now got no way to record my TV programs...hmmm good thing? / bad thing?

I've not got my fish tank cos of the new no cleaning to be done on it...good thing? / bad thing?

I've decided not to watch the "New" Knight Rider...cos it's crap....blogging is so much better

I've de-fleaed all the animals...phew finally...cos i was getting pretty tired of all that scratching...the animals not me...well a little!!!

I've ran out of things to say....

I've remembered something

I've decided not to go to the UK this year..going to wait till March/April next...good thing? / bad thing?

I've finished


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