Sunday, August 15, 2010

All well

I am back in the land of the living....kind of...

My operation to fix the downstairs pumping went I'm just very sore and tired...

I have slept most of today and have only just gotten up @ 4pm....criminal!!!!

Have been told that i cant lift anything over a kilo for the next 6 weeks...what that!!! how may i ask do you manage that one!!!

Was told even a full kettle of water is over a kilo...

But will take all the advice given as my dear sister said..."you don't want to go back to get it re-fixed"

no way....bad enough first time round!!!

So will be coming up with new and novel ideas on how to do the

washing....leave for the washing fairies!!!

Shopping....leave it for shopping fairy (hubby)

vacuuming....leave it for the kids!! yes that's right they both love to use the swivel let them i say!!!

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