Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well what do I remember most about 2008....hmmm nothing springs to mind...sad really

I think that I will be looking at 2009as a year to clear out old ideas/thoughts/beliefs and maybe people. I have decided that I will not put up with 2nd best anymore.

I am going to look after my children and give them all the love i can whilst remembering to still be me....

Oh and i suppose that I need to work out who the real me is...that's another 2009 thing to do.

I do know what i remember most about would be the friendships that I have gain over this year, and the friendships that have deepen and grown....may they continue to do so in 2009.


May all your dreams and wishes come true

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Over Tired

Well I'm still battling 45 minutes sleeps with the Bear and now we have early wake ups to deal with...5/5:30am no way!!!!

MIL does not help when she puts him down too late in the day after such an early wake up...1:30pm for his nap, so that means he has been up for over 8 she stays in the room with him until he falls asleep and when he gets this overtired he now wants us to do this too...again NO WAY

I wish that i too could sleep for hours but not happening as now it's up 2/3 times a night for a pee and then the early wake-ups...feel like I'm looking at the world though a fog!!!

Oh well all good training for when little one gets here i suppose!!!

I look through by YAAD work last night and oh no way scary...I've only got one assignment to do...but my BOS...oh much to finish or start even!!!!

I keep hearing the Monty python song "all ways look on the bright side of life" going around in my head!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Over for anonther year

All that fuss and preparation and it's over within 24 hours!!!

Well Bear was well and truly a very big..big..big fire truck...which is now named "MY FIRE TRUCK"...thank god he can now say "truck" clearly as mum was getting a wee bit confused with "truck, duck and stuck" at one stage, much to Bears disgusted!!!! really mum it's quite simple and easy to understand!

He also got lots of books, clothes, gardening he now no longer hit himself in the head with mum's trowel!!!

Mum got a lovely Pandora bracelet which is a tad too big so will need to go back on monday to change it!! but is really lovely and i got some charms to go with it too...

anyway hope you all had a good one...see you all soon!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


There i was moaning coz my blog wouldn't let me in and i had sooo much to say too...


Nothing comes to mind really....

am trying to get passed a Bear that will only sleep for 45 mins in the seems such a little thing when i read others blogs really but you only know that it means so much to you at the time....

it will get better...

Now where have i heard those words before?!!!

Well all SPF presents brought..and for the ist time not all wrapped, but only Bear's to go so will do that tomorrow night and then straight under the tree.....

Miss my family now at this time...wish there was an express train to the UK that only took an's on it's way no doubt...meantime I've got the phone and skype which is better than nothing....

Very tired at moment...goes with the territory i suppose

Friday, December 19, 2008

Last chance

Ok so I've had to make-up another blog...this is the last time..if anything and i mean anything happens to this that's it...I'm not doing again...

So over it!!!!! blogger help...what a F##K### they won't know the meaning of the word if it jumped up and hit them in their blogspot!!!!!!

I think you can tell that I'm just a tad...miffed...what the hell was wrong with my other blog i ask you...well nothing as far as i could tell but they didn't like it....

Well this time it will be different.....I'm going for something different...what....that I'm not really sure about...I'll probably start off with all the best intentions but it will just go down hill from this post...oh well it's the thought that counts hmmm