Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's time

I too have make the decision to end this blog...i feel that i now wish to focus on my marriage, my kids, finishing my book "The Sliver Key", my YAAD studies and my Dragon Oracle cards.

I don't feel that wish to share anything that is happening in my life on these blog, those that i care about will know what is happening in my life...but a don't think the world needs to know and i don't really feel the need to speak.

Please feel free to "call me or email"...Renata's famous words or check in on my DragonLore blog

Jewell xxx

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Very Sad day

I have just received an email that has let me know that our Summer Solstice has been cancelled...

this i find very, very sad.....

There has been a lot of work put in by the elf's in buying present for everyone....

People were looking forward to saying goodbye for the Christmas break....and that has been denied them...

and for what i wonder

Sunday, December 13, 2009

here and now

I do hate to see friends hurting.....

so all i can do is send love and healing to them and let them know that i am here for them to


and just about anything else they may need whenever

blessings xxx

Thursday, December 10, 2009

OK is my 2 bushes!!!

your outside bush is called Fred and our inside bush is called Ginger....not quite as impressive as George..but still not bad

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What's in a number

it's strange but i have been seeing the number 7,9,11,21 lots over the last week....





so am wander what this all means

I did some research on the good old web and this is some of what i found!!!

111, 1111 - These signs indicate that your thoughts are correct for the new cycle of your life and they are on your Spiritual Path. Continue with and follow these, as these thoughts relate to a new cycle in your life that is on your Spiritual Path

121, 1221, 2121, 2211, 1122 - These signs indicate that your current train of thought is correct for your Spiritual Path. These thoughts are your focus and following these will lead you along your Spiritual Path. This can be expressed simply as, 'You're following your path!'.

171, 1771, 1717, 7711, 1177 - These signs indicate that a lesson had been learnt on your Spiritual Path. You have learnt a lesson that your Spirit Guides want you to learn, one that is important and is necessary for you to progress on your path.

191, 1991, 1919, 9911, 1199 - These signs indicate the completion or ending of a phase on your Spiritual Path. The phase may or may not have come to an actual end at the time of seeing these signs, but, if you follow the thoughts you have at the time of seeing this sign, this phase will come to a complete end.

Number 7 - Philosopher, sage, wisdom seeker, reserved, inventor, stoic, contemplative, aloof, deep-thinker, introspective, spiritual, faith, esoteric, exotic, unusual, hidden, seeking perfection, ethereal, other worldly, enigma.

Number 9 - Humanitarian, compassionate, romantic, selfless, generous, philanthropic, loving, wisdom, idealist, artistic, spiritual healer, all allowing, other worldly, blending.

Number 11- Messenger, Inspired, Intuitive, Channeling, Inventive, Mystic, Spiritual, Teacher, Idealistic, Romantic, Artistic, Energetic, Enthusiasm, Angels of creative communication, Christ-like Love, Visionary, Joy-bringer.

Now to work out what it all means to me!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Honouring the Goddess

I was very sorry to have missed yet another full moon ritual by my YAAD class...but life has a way of getting in the way at the moment...

Hubby was out until 6pm, and we have just un-wrapped our little DollyGirl so she is not happy about it and not going down as well, so I needed to stay and help get her settled so by the time all that happen it was 7:30pm and too late to go...

but i felt that i needed to honour the i had a shower and went outside to sit and watch her full moon come up....

I lit a candle and some incense and just sat...

I sang a little as that is what i felt i needed to do, then i went into a mediation / trance.....

i had to go through a curtain of light and in order to pass through i had to let go of all that was unwanted baggage....

so i let go of

  • Greed
  • selfishness
  • anger
  • fear
  • lies
  • concerns with my children
  • issue in my relationship
Once i had done this a voice asked if i was being true to myself,

No i have not been

are you ready to be true to yourself

Yes i am

when i stepped through the curtain i was on a path that stretched out over a large and deep chasm...i could not see the path but i walked forward knowing that i would not fall and that i was safe...


I met with the lady Goddess who gave me a wonderful hug...

then i met...

The Lady of the Earth

She never spoke to me, just looked into my eyes and kissed my forehead..

Then the Lord of Air stepped forward...he placed his hands on my head and my head and said

"Sometimes these need to seperate and yet together. Allow them to do both"

Then the Lady of Fire stepped foreward

she placed her hands on my shoulders and said

"You know not passion, your fire is as cold as ice. Allow the fire to become hot and heat your blood"

last was the Lady of Water...

"you are not comfortable with my Element, but you need not fear it. I must flow, i will always change, do not fear this, allow it to happen"

they then came together with myself in the centre of their circle...held up their hands and light came from them...this light surrounded me and bathed me it's blessings....

Then i found myself back sitting on my cushion outside in my backyard...


lots to think about


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

finding the can be hard

I have wanted to write a post for a lone time but nothing seems to come, or if it does it's in the middle of the night and there is no way in hell I'm getting up to blog sleep is precious to me :-)

Mum's visit has put a lot of things into perspective for me, i had thought that we would have lots of D&M's when she was out here, but it was officious in the first couple of days that Mum is just not that sort of person. She does not like to talk about her feelings very much...and i am beginning to see that i too share this trait with her.

I talk alot, but not about how i really feel.

We did have some great talks about my Dad and what we remembered about him etc...that was wonderful.

I also got a lovely compliment from my Mum, she said is was a "great little mother" high praise indeed from your own mother.

There is so much more i feel i need to write, but it's hard to find the words. I am going through some stuff at the moment and am wondering where it will lead me....can only wait and see