Friday, February 26, 2010

An apology is needed

I feel that I owe you Lisa an apology, it would seem that i have as i often do, jumped in with both my feet right up to my ears...

I do understand that your remark about "it being a relief" that i had gone was because you were thinking that i was coming to the cottage because i felt like i had to not because i wanted to...but that was never the case...i made my decision to leave YAAD due to personal issue of my own that had nothing what so ever to do with the cottage, you or what had happen.

I have tried very hard not to take sides as you have mentioned and i thought i was doing well at that, but it would seem that, that is not the case anymore.

I do wish that you had, as you said in your comments on my blog, tried to contact me for a face to face meeting, you have never tried. the last time i physically saw you was the second to last Monday night YAAD class before we went on the Christmas break. The only other contact we have had has been an email form yourself asking if i wished to join the committee, but i did not wish to for the same reasons as i gave for finishing YAAD.

My wish now is for this all to die it's natural death and for everyone to move on without the knives coming out again.

Please can you ask others that have not been involved from the beginning, or have not been to a YAAD class to please stop jumping on the band waggon, comments etc.

I will be removing all comments from the last blog post, but not the posts them selves as it is my blog and my feeling that i have been writing for not everyone else.

Go in peace and blessings

Almost One

Where has the time gone...DollyGirl will be one next week.........oh my dear......but she is such a cutie

One wonders

It would seem that some people still feel the need to comment...go on and on about what they may or may not really know about...

but in the end it's a free world so will go on with my life as i have always...speaking my truth

and let other worry about themselves...

that as they say is all folks


Thursday, February 25, 2010

"it's a relief she's gone"

yes that was something that was said about me.....

after knowing someone for over 4 years....i have come to the conclusion that i never really knew them at all...

and now have to say that's probably just as well...

on to chapters new...

with a

light heart....

open heart.....


open mind....


Jewell x

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Best ritual ever


Double WOW, WOW

Triple WOW, WOW, WOW

I have never done a full ritual that we mostly sang...but tonight we did...

And how amazing it was too....

The energy was unbelievable.....

The ritual was simple but very magickal.....

The company was fantastic....

And the run onto the oval with my dear Kylie was so well Kylie, it was also very grounding and just plain fun....that girl is a part fairy part dragon for sure...

My most sincere thanks to Diana and Renata for organizing the whole think and of course

Blessings and gratitude to Esme for her wonderful teaching and wisdom...

I am as you can tell still buzzing...

and will probably will still be buzzing for a while yet..

Blessed Be
Jewell x

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another one bites the dust

Well after a long hard look at my life's path...

I am no longer attending YAAD (Year and a Day)

I not longer feel that i am getting anything out of the classes...and no it's not the teacher...Renata you were great..but it's missing the good energy that it had.

I will not now expect second best and for my this was becoming second best.

I am going to be consenting on educating my children into the Wheel of the Year...i have picked up some very good books online that give you great stories and craft ideas to do with your children and that's what i wish to do.

I am also going to be doing a one-on-one mentoring to try and build up my physic side...learn the tarot cards better.....on that note I've brought some great tarot cards from an artist called Ciro Marchietti....they are so beautiful...i couldn't decide on which set to buy so i have brought both...will use them both to see which ones talk to me the most.

I am looking at this as a new chapter in my life and i am thankful for all lessons that i have learnt in the last 4 years at the cottage. My hope is that it doesn't close but will wait and see.

Blessed Be

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thoughts and Good Friends

I have so many thoughts going around in my head at the moment that it's making me dizzy.....

Sometimes i feel that i would love to take the top off of my head and just let them all float away....

I should just do that but maybe...

Oh what am i saying i would never be able to let them go...that would be too easy right?

I want to do whats best for my kids and I but i am not really sure what the best is...

again too many thoughts

too many ideas...

too many what if's

but a have some very great friends who are happy to listen to me going on about the said too many thoughts in my head...and they give me some very good advice too about those thoughts too.

to my very dearest friend....don't worry i'm not about to jump into anything without prior thought!!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010



What a night


what energy


Loved it

Went to a chanting workshop organized by some very lovely ladies.....held by an elder called Esme, who has been using chanting in her rituals for an age...

boy oh boy..

what a night

I has sung more than i have ever done

laughed more that i have done in a while

felt energy that i have not felt in a long while....

oh did i say...

what i night


i get to do it all again next week....with a ritual thrown in too cant wait

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Goddess divine, one, two, three
How will you set yourself free

You will know the prize to pay
In order for you to get away

Stand alone or stand as three
Three is divine and meant to be

Reflect awhile on the moons soft glow
The knowledge is here for you know

Truth lies in perfect love
To fit your heart like a glove

As above so below
Life and love will always flow