Sunday, May 30, 2010

Going's on

What's been happening in my neck of the woods....


I've been to SYD to see Wicked....and it was

I've had a day at a day relaxing

I've spend some great time with the kids

I've had a changeling put into my son Bear's place....grrrrr

I've had my veggie patch take off due to the rain...

I've not written anymore on my book....grrr again

I've been telling my son "Berti the Bear" stories each night so now i need to write these down...grrrr once again...when to get the time one asks

I've eaten way too much chocolate....pop goes Jewell!!!

I've been to see John Overholt...and he was great...and he loved my symbol I designed for him...and he gave me a great plug on the night...

I've not spent too much money this week...much be the rain!!!

I've had Hubby home for most of the week..hmmmm good thing? / bad thing?

I've now got a brand new LCD TV...wooohoo...the picture is so awesome....

I've now got no way to record my TV programs...hmmm good thing? / bad thing?

I've not got my fish tank cos of the new no cleaning to be done on it...good thing? / bad thing?

I've decided not to watch the "New" Knight Rider...cos it's crap....blogging is so much better

I've de-fleaed all the animals...phew finally...cos i was getting pretty tired of all that scratching...the animals not me...well a little!!!

I've ran out of things to say....

I've remembered something

I've decided not to go to the UK this year..going to wait till March/April next...good thing? / bad thing?

I've finished


Friday, May 21, 2010


I have been thinking for a while what to do for Yule this year as I am starting to teach my children about the wheel of the year. Well a very good friend and fellow witch gave me an email about making your own Yule logs....from toilet rolls..of all the kids and I will be giving this a go over the next week....I will post the photo's and how to make these Yule logs as soon as we finish them!!!

Should be lots of fun.....

Here is a bit about Yule for those that don't know much about it...

Yule – Winter Solstice
June 21st (southern Hempishere)

Yule represents the rebirth of the God within the sacred fire of the mother Goddess. We welcome the return of the God. It’s time to reflect on the hidden energies lying dormant in winter, not only in our Earth but within ourselves as well.

Colours: - White, sliver, red, green and gold
Fruit: - berries, apples, oranges and lemons
Trees: - Holly, oak and pine

Burn a Yule log to celebrate the coming of the warmer months and that life comes from death.
Gift giving in a coven or group – have people write down something positive about each person in the group and then pass this paper around the group for all to add their thoughts.

I am also putting all our names into a hat and the idea is that you have to do two nice things for that person before the night of Yule....and it has to be without them asking you.....not sure how my 15 month old will go with this but you have to start somewhere...

Jewell xx

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Strange but true

I had thought that i would have had more time to blog now that I've given up on Zoo World.....but it was not to be....

Sick kiddies and sick me does not for good blogging make!!!

it's been a wee bit like snotsville and coughsville in one here in the King household!!! we have just brought out coles & woolies for their tissues teehee...but we are on the mend thank the Goddess......

It would seem that Hubby is the resistant one this time...who'd have thought!

I did mange to be a wee bit creative over the last couple of weeks, making handmade bookmarks and cards with my symbols on them...i will be uploading them to my website in the next couple of days so please go take a look and of course buy lots....pretty please!!!! with a cherry on the top...

Also have been doing some great tarot spreads...which have highlighted how far i have come on my spiritual journey so far......

I have always been very strong in my beliefs sometime to the point of i would want others to know that i was right...or that my beliefs were the true ones....sounds very self-obsessed, very arrogant.....well that was me a few years ago...

and it served me well up to a point....well now i still have those same strong beliefs but now i don't feel the need to be as aggressive with them....i think that now i am more comfortable with who i am and what i believe in that i don't feel the need to prove anything anymore.

I am a witch....i do perform spells, rituals and I'm not worried who i am comfortable in my own skin and if anyone has a problem they may need to look to themselves not to me.

Spiritual life holds an attraction to me now that i can not refuse nor do i wish too. As i go about introducing the wheel of the year to my 3 year old and my 15 month old i am finding that i look at each Sabbat with fresh eyes and it's wonderful to feel, i am again energised with Mother Earth and all she can provide for us.

Our next sabbat coming up with be i will be posting the ideas that i have come up with to help explain this sabbat to my children.

Blessed Be