Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All most done

Well it's been a busy morning for me....I've just done most of my homework for this lesson of YAAD, up to part E which i have to say is looking a wee bit hard coz i don't actually see that Greek mythology and the Wiccan wheel of the year have that much in maybe i will go that route?

Just got to draw out my woodle...which I'm looking forward to doing and write the solitaire project thing up...hmm that will interesting for sure..

so i'm off to put my feet up and eat some chocolate...coz i can....

love Jewell

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Yes you hear it right..well saw it really...but I've finished my solitaire project...


now all i have to do is write what the hell it is meant to be...but in the words of one other Autumn..."it's just art"

That should do it!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Some-one asked in my comments what it felt like to carry a baby?

Wow..what a question i thought...not one that I've been asked before and not one that i had really ever thought about in depth...coz when your pregnant your pregnant if you get what i mean?!

Anyway it got me thinking in the wee small hours of last night when again Bear was awake so, so was i :-(

And i thought that i would try to put down in words what it feels like to me to be a carrier of a unborn child

My younger sister once said that to her it felt like having an alien inside of her at time as she felt that her body was not her own anymore...

Yes that is one feeling that i have had at times during this and the last pregnancy.....

But not in a bad way

It is like you are the guardian of a new life and all the potential that goes with the new know that you are carrying another human life but at the same time it is hard to image how it will all turn out......

Will they look like you?, be like you in anyway? do you want them to be like you? do you have traits that you would rather they never had?

As far a physical feelings well, the baby certainly lets you know they are there!!! kicks, puches...hiccups...that was Bear in the womb....hiccuped his way through his whole term in the womb hehehe

I think i would like to say that it is has been a privilege as far i am concerned to have been pregnant and experienced it.....

But happy that it's only been twice.....

Monday, February 16, 2009


I wish...

For a whole nights unbroken sleep

That i didn't feel so tired all the time

That i knew how i will be with this next little one

That some people who think it's great to start fires had a heart / soul

That i had a cleaner :-)

That Bear did not get so upset when going to daycare :-(

That money grew on trees

now all that self pity is out of the way....

It's been a rough few days...coz Bear has been up for over an hour an a half most nights....not really anything wrong just up.....and coupled with the fact that I've some down with some kind of does not make for a well mummy.

But on a positive note...i do have a home, my family and friends still here so that is good......

Plus in reading a lot of others blogs i seem to have had a very good major dramas, no real problems....

so thanks Mum & Dad for all that you have done for me!!!

Love you both xxx

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well my dishwasher is now fixed too...all for just $ much better than paying out over $700 for a new one...Hubby finally worked out that not all service guys are out to rip you off!!!! no more washing up for me....hmmmm how will i use the extra time i have.....BOS work me thinks and YAAD catch-up coz me is very far behind at present....

Monday, February 9, 2009


Well fridge is now fixed...and only cost us $200

Cat is still a pain the ass...but is now outside cat again after last nights little issue.......peed in bathroom again and broke my birthday present from Lisa......a lovely plate that i had up on my entertainment unit....bloodily cat...not going to be spending anymore money on him that's for sure..

What a night we all had last night...must have been the Full moon energies...Bear woke up 4 times....I couldn't sleep to start with then was dropping off and Bear woke up..then i went back into bedroom only to be greeted with the worse smell ever and Hubby snoring :-( so went out got air fresher and jigged bed...fell asleep for about 45 mins then yes you guessed it Bear again....then Hubby woke up, he's got a cold and a bad cough so he decided that he couldn't sleep with the fan on...and i cant sleep with the fan off to the lounge went Hubby....only for the bloodily cat to knock over plate...break plate and wake up Bear.....grrrrrrrrrr x 20000000

Plus through all this i have the worst heartburn was like a knife that went right thorough @ 1pm i took something for it a sat up till 3pm reading Harry Potter to take my mind off i think (hard at the present time) that I've had about 3 hours in total off to bed i go....hihohiho


Just wanted to send LOVE to all those that have lost their loved ones and homes to the Bush fires in VIC

Friday, February 6, 2009

What's been happening...

So it's been a while since my last here's a run down of my life as i know it

1 - Monday am fridge was working fine...Monday pm fridge not working...hmmm what ever is the matter we say..freezer working but not fridge...well we have a kleenmaid's 9 years old and now passed it's warrenty...typicial...we have to go through kleenmaid to get said fridge fixed...ok that shouldn't be too hard we say!!! yeah right...had man coming on Wed am...which meant anytime from 8 to 12pm...ok so i have appointment at 1pm that should work out fine....not...rang store @ 11am to see what was happening coz man had not turned calls 30 mn later to say...sorry running late...really i wouldn't have guess that one!!! i can be there by 1245 hmm i say so how long will it take to fix it? oh i don;t know!! as you can see very helpful man so far (laugh a bit madly here) so tell that i have apt at 1pm and I'm not about to let him into House that leave him there by himself! so man said whatever I'm off to the central coast and someone from the "office" will call you to make another time and hung up on me...hung up on me...well taking his life into his own hands i call the "office" express my displeasure over rude man and get no-where!!!! so man supposedly coming today...somewhere between 11:30 and 5pm...nice

2- we have just spent $385 dollars on the cat...yes the one that we were trying to get rid of due to the fact he pees in our bathroom.....we didn't send him to the RSPCA coz i could live with the fact he would be put he became an outside cat......well that was working good until Monday morning..heard a big cat fight ad thought "oh no" when i checked him over he had a massive and i mean massive hole in his back hip...which i knew was not from that one cat was an abscess that has been there for off the vets we go and $385 dollars later here it the cat with a large wound and a bucket on his head!!!!! do you think that cat was grateful for the money/time spent on him? no that bloody cat got out of his bucket and then went and peed in the bathroom and then run outside and spent the day under the dirt/dusty house!!!! phew......well he had his drain out yesterday and then it's just back to the vets again to get stitches out next Thursday!!! RSPCA!!! looking closer

3 - the heat....well it's been great hasn't? got love the fact that your pregnant and going through 38 degree heat most days!!!!! plus you have a hubby that for some unknown reason thinks that telling that the weekend is going to be over 44 degrees over and over all week is something that you want to hear!!!!

4 - Bear has a love colds in summer.....on a positive note....we now know that all those sleepless nights were due to the 2 year molars of which Bear now has 3 down....yeah way to go!!!!

5 - great day yesterday...lazying around by a friends pool then in the aircon.....night was not so crash hot as i was unblocking our toilet at 10:30pm last night after hubby said..."it's go down" the water that is that was by now sitting 1/2 inch off the toilet did not go down by it's self....yours truly was there with wire coat hanger and gloves in toilet bowl pulling lots and lots of paper out of "s" bend...

So that's all folks....

but on Monday I'm off to be pampered for 3 hours!!!!