Tuesday, March 31, 2009


• Name: Helen
• Birth date: 19th Jan
• Birthplace: Cornwall, England
• Current Location: Australia
• Eye Color: brown on the outside ,green in the middle
• Hair Color: Black
• Height: 162cm
• Righty or Lefty: Both
• Zodiac Sign: Capricorn / Aquarius cusp

• Your heritage: Cornish
• The shoes you wore today: thongs
• Your weakness: white bread
• Your fears: son drowning
• Your perfect pizza: Homemade
• Goal you’d like to achieve: A full night sleep

• Your most overused phrase on AIM: What is Aim?
• Your first waking thoughts: Do I have too?
• Your best physical feature: Eyes
• Your most missed memory: Watching Ruby Union with my Dad

• Pepsi or Coke: Neither
• McDonald’s or Burger King: Neither
• Single or group dates: Neither
• Adidas or Nike: not into brands
• Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Neither
• Chocolate or vanilla: Always chocolate
• Cappuccino or coffee: Latte

• Smoke: for some years till my best friends bet me $500 that I couldn’t give up for 3 months….i did never went back!!!
• Cuss: Try very hard not too.
• Sing: Yes to my son’s displeasure!!.
• Take a shower everyday: Yes
• Do you think you’ve been in love: Yes
• Want to go to college: Have been and done that
• Liked high school: No hated it
• Want to get married: I am.
• Believe in yourself: Yes.
• Get motion sickness: No
• Think you’re attractive: Yes sometimes
• Think you’re a health freak: When I try
• Get along with your parent(s): Now that I’m living in Australia yeah get on very well 
• Like thunderstorms: Love them
• Play an instrument: I wish…drum

LAYER 6: In the past month…
• Drank alcohol: yes
• Smoked: No
• Done a drug: no
• Made Out: No…way too tired
• Gone on a date: no
• Gone to the mall?: Cant
• Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: no, never.
• Eaten sushi: no
• Been on stage: no
• Been dumped: no
• Gone skating: no
• Made homemade cookies: Yes but never turned out too good
• Gone skinny dipping: Yes, but not for long time ago…when I never had kids
• Dyed your hair: no way too short
• Stolen Anything: no

LAYER 7: Ever…
• Played a game that required removal of clothing: yes
• Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Yes
• Been caught “doing something”: yes, but talked my way out of it!!!
• Been called a tease: Yes, many times
• Gotten beaten up: No I did the beating up
• Shoplifted: Yes
• Changed who you were, in order to fit in: Yes, all the time....don't you?

• Age you hope to be married: Never wanted to get married
• Numbers and Names of Children: 2 – Bear and LG
• Describe your Dream Wedding: Never had one
• How do you want to die: quickly
• Where you want to go to college: Been not going to do that again!
• What do you want to be when you grow up: I wanted to be a vet
• What country would you most like to visit: Africa

• Number of drugs taken illegally: one
• Number of people I could trust with my life: 6
• Number of CDs that I own: Hundreds
• Number of piercings: 5
• Number of tattoos: 3
• Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: A few, been on TV too but that's another story!
• Number of scars on my body: 2
• Number of things in my past that I regret: I think to regret is too belittle yourself and what you have achieved

Got some

Not sure if LG liked having her photo's taken as she kept putting her hand over her face!!! camera shy already

Monday, March 30, 2009

I just realised that i haven't taken any more photo's of strange..when with Bear it was snap, snap, snap....will have to put that right!!!

By the way do you like photo of Hubby after doing battle with his daughter!!!! like i said think she won that round!!!!

"Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future."
Gail Lumet Buckley

When i was typing this one it didn't really hit home till i turned around and looked in Bear's eyes as he was laughing whilst he was popping bubbles......he is my present and my future as is LG...I am now a mother of never really thought this would come about......but very happy it has.

Looking forward to many years of joy, laughter and tears with them both

Did you know..........

Apples, not caffenie, are more efficient at waking you up in the mornings......

maybe this is why teachers like them eh

Your wish is my command...or not!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Forget the past and live the present hour"
Sarah Knowles Bolton

So true but yet so to do

LG has had a few unsettled days...but that's just normal...Hubby had a bad time of it this morning as i had a lie in and LG decided to test Daddy's patience!!! i think she won hehehe...well she is a girl.....

She is growing like a weed and hopefully soon will be big enough to fit in my sling without fear of her slipping out the sides!!! then it's off to the bay or beach with Bear for a good walk!! course i could use the pram but it's a bit hard to get into the boot of the car and then Bear would have to walk and it's very painful as he walks soooo slowly!!!

Did you know....

The garfish has green bones...

what is a garfish

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mix up

Ok the thing is it's ok for people to come see us...just not to pick up LG or to come over when you have a cough/sneeze all over her.....the Dr has said it's close contact that is the problem...

And shopping centre/supermarkets etc.....

so if you have a cold/cough you need to stay away but if your healthy it's ok...i just cant take her to the above places.

hope this clears it up....

so it's coffe and cake at mine if you want to come...

PS you might need to being the cake as i didn't get round to baking this morning...babies you know how it is!!!!!

"Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother"
Lim Yutang

I'm getting very bored being at home with no adult conversation but hubby!!!! i need visitors and yes i know that LG is not yet vaccinated re whooping cough but as my DR told me you have to have close contact with her or cough/sneeze all over her to infect far the one other person I've seen this week is Jane.....

Please come visit...I'm baking cakes today!!!!!

I took LG so see my friend the Craniosacral therapist and it was amazing to watch LG go through the experience...she knew what she had to i had this on myself whilst pregnant....but LG had issues in her left shoulder/neck and this was why she was always trying to look that way of sleep that's all good now and I'm hoping it's helped her reflux...

Did you know...

Hair grows the slowest at night

That is a good thing i think!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"I think that somehow, we learn who we really are then live with that decision"
Eleanor Roosevelt

Hmmm well i wonder how long it takes us to make the decision in the first place though?

Well i got a call from the lady we used to help us settle Bear and she was very's strange coz it's not like i don't know what I'm doing it's just having someone else telling you!!!

Plus it looks like LG might have silent reflux so we have put her cot up into some bricks to elevate it as this can help them sleep plus we are giving her time upright after her feeds, this is to help the milk go down...if it does not work it's a trip to the Dr's for some medication

Monday, March 23, 2009

"Sleep sleep happy child.
All creation slept and smil'd.
Sleep sleep, happy sleep.
While o'er thee thy mother weep."
William Blake

Very apt one for me at the moment, although it was a much better night last long unsettle time just when she was going to bed @ 8:30pm last night....

All she seems to want to do when she is that unsettled is that normal i wonder or just t way of calming herself? and can you over feed them at this age?

Oh well am calling the lady we used for Bear when we were having trouble settling him...she was a great help...

But i have been talking to myself..yes i know you all know that i do this all the time..but I'm being positive...instead of negative about this..."i can do this and i will find a way to settle her that works for us both"

Did you know....Cooking and freezing does not affect the heat of the chilli....

So when it's hot it stays damn hot!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

"My mother's best advice to me was: whatever you decide to do in life, be sure that the joy of doing it does not depend upon the applause of the others, because in the long run we are, all us, alone"
Ali MacGraw

Sound advice i reckon..

last night was another shocker...LG was up from about 12pm til 3:30am when she finally went to sleep...I'm not sure if it's a growth spurt...or she needs to stuck to clam herself down...if so she cant work the dummy thing out yet!!! sometimes she takes it other times she gets very mad if you try to put it in her mouth!!!

Oh the joys of a newborn.....well soon she will be going to school!!!!! just have to hang in there till then hehehe

Did you know.....

When a shrimp is first born it's a male but then over time gradually evolves into a female....

clever species

Saturday, March 21, 2009

"it's three pairs of eyes that a mother have to have....One pair that see through closed doors. Another in the back of her head...and, of course, the ones in the front that can look at a child when he goofs up and reflect "I understand and I love you" without so much as uttering a word"
Emma Bombeck

So true...but i never thought I'd need three pairs but it does make sense

Well last night i put ear plugs in from 8:30pm and slept till 3am when Hubby told me it was my i feel almost normal at the moment...woohoo

Did you know...
That when a white whale is born it's born black!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

"My mother taught me to walk proud and tall "as if the world was mine"
Sophia Loren

Well she certainly had the world at her feet.....

Had a bad night with LG as she again would not sleep from 2-3:30am last night....took me an hour and a half to get her to sleep and then it only worked coz i gave her a bottle to calm her down...she cant quite work out the dummy thing yet grrrr

Plus it didn't help that Hubby woke me up at 12:30am coz he had forgotten his keys and was coming home from the pub!!!!!!

Then Bear woke up and of course Hubby to pissed to hear anything so i had to get up to him...then LG woke for a feed again...phew makes me tired just blogging about it!!!

So tonight it's Hubby's turn and I'm putting in ear plugs so will not hear sweet fanny adams!!!!

Did you know....

A violin contains about 70 individual pieces of wood!

wouldn't want to be the one putting that back together if it broke!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"The mother is the most precious possession of the nation, so precious that society advances its highest well-being when it protects the functions of the mother"
Ellen Key

Hmmm not really sure i understand this one...any thoughts people?

Well today i have been waking LG up every 2 hours to try and get her days/nights unmixed!!! oh no don't wake the baby i hear you cry...but she is ok with it....not really a crying type...lucky me.....we will see how it goes tonight

Hubby is off having the :"wet the babies head" what's the go with that...i do all the hard work and he gets to piss it up with mates at the pub!!!!!!!

"it's tradition he say"...oh well that makes it ok than...can mess with tradition can you hehehe

Did you know....

That a cat has 32 muscles in each ear!

who needs the gym when an ear flick works so many muscles!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries"
Sisiter Corita Kent

I have been trying in the last few days to live in the otherwise i get just a wee bit overwhelmed with it all.

Little Girl is going good...she is now 2.56kgs which is great as in the first 2 weeks they are only really looking for them to be back to their birth weight as Baby's tend to lose weight in the first she is doing very well indeed.

Little Girl seems to think that her witching hour can be anywhere from 1:30am to 3am...oh no says mum not now...what's wrong with 3-7pm i ask you...that's a reasonable time to be unsettled and crying on and off for 3 hours yes? not my daughter.......i end up sending in the big i by this stage have ran out of ideas and what which still having to get up to Bear 2 or 3 times that night am very much over it :-)

but as a wise one told me once it's not forever and will get hanging on to that one dear Bee!!!!

Did you know....

Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"When a child enters the world through you it alters everything on a psychic, psychological and purely practical level"
Jane Fonda

Well it looks like the green goddess did more than just make exercise videos!!!!

and I'm sure lots of you will agree with her comment i know i certainly do

Did you know....

That a crocodile cannot sick out it's tongue.....

I'm sure we are very thankful for that or we would be seeing lots of croc's licking their lips as we swam by hehehe

Monday, March 16, 2009

"The daughter never gives up on the mother, just as the mother never gives up on the daughter.
There is a tie there so strong that nothing can break it"
Rachel Billington

I can only hope that Little Girl and I have that strong tie

Did you know.....

The oldest know animal was a tortoise, which lived to be 152 years old

Goes to show life at a slower pace and look how long you could live to!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

"People always talk about a mother's uncanny ability to read her children, but that was nothing compared to how children could read their mothers"
Anne Tyler

Never a truer word spoken...they always seem to know just what buttons to push and when

Did you know....

The cost of raising a medium sized dog to the age of 11 is $6400....

So Pepsi has a couple of years left in him!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

"The real secret behind, the thing that money can't buy"
Anna Crosby

That is so true....but i wonder if we give unconditional love to our children...or does it come with the need for them to be as we want them to be?

Did you know....

Chickens can travel up to 15km per hour...

hmm i wonder how the hell someone got that info?!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Whooping cough

It looks like Little Girl will be a while in making her appearance in public 8 weeks to be there is an outbreak...quite a bad one of Whooping cough and as 2 babies have already died of it (in Perth and Adelaide) I'm not ricking it..

so any visitors need to have had a booster shoot for whooping couch before they come into close contact with Little Girl...maybe I'm going a wee bit over broad but what's a few weeks in a life time?

i know you'll all understand....

So please call me lots as I'll be getting cabin will poor Bear.....Lucky he loves his TV at the moment (sigh) ;-)

"What the daughter does, the mother did"
Jewish Proverb

Hmmm will have to wait and see about that one!!! one can only hope she doesn't do what i did that is ;-)

Did you know....

Penguins have an organ above their eyes that changes seawater into freshwater...

could came in handy if your lost at sea hehehe

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"A child is a gift whose worth cannot be measured except by the heart"
Theresa Ann Hunt

That is so true..I'm finding that i love my Little Girl so much is hurts...and that's due to to fact she is a little Bear never was....:-)

But i love Bear so much it hurts too but in a different way....never thought i could love too people like this but it so different ways...KWIM?

The first vacuum was so large it was brought to a house by a horse.....must have been invented by a male i say!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"As a parent you try to maintain a certain amount of control and so you have this tug-of-war...
You have to learn when to leg go. and that's not easy"
Aretha Franklin

So right....about the tug-of-war bit as you would think that eating dinner was an easy thing to do yes? dinner is cooked, it's put on a plate and the plate is put in front of you and you eat it right...wrong not when your the Bear....last night we had a show down over dinner.....he didn't want to eat and mum wanted him to we had a very interesting time...where mum took jeep away from Bear and packed up all the toys in the living room and Bear sit in his high chair and cried, yelled and carried on...until mum asked if he had been a good boy today and so should have a swing after dinner? "Yes mum very" was the answer...."do you think it's a good thing to refuse to eat your dinner?" asked mum "No" came the very quite reply...and so dinner was eaten all of it and a swing was had and all were happy.....

Fun and games i can tell you....

by the way did you know that Emus and Kangaroos can not walk backwards...

bye for now

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Came home on Sat late morning then silly me thought it would be a great idea for us all to go to Glendale to shop....hmmm whatever was i thinking....

I really wanted to go as i had just spent 4 days in hospital and had a bit of cabin fever and as little girl came early we didn't really have stuff for her like a baby bath, formula, wraps so i want ed to get these...then Hubby said we need to get food as we had off we all went....trip went OK but i think i over did it a tad

Sunday was great as Hubby looked after little Girl whilst i got to spent time with Bear....i really missed him over the 4 days i was in and now I'm still finding it hard as I'm also so used spending my days with just am trying to aim for the mornings as Bear and Mum time and the rest of the day wing it!!!!

Midwife was here today and she is happy with little Girls progress....thanks to Diana who came over and told me to check what i was feeding her as we were trying to give her too much....don't want an over weight girl on my hands..she will never forgive me!!!

so we know how much roughly she needs per day based on her birth weight, that makes mum much happier as any of you that know me knows...i like my routine hehehehe

Will be kind to myself in the next few days and will use tomorrow when Bears at Grandmas to rest and do nothing......oh well maybe catch up on some of the programs that i taped

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What you've been waiting for

Olivia Rose

So our little baby girl made her entry into this world 3 weeks early...hmmm looks like we have a get and go girl on our hands....

Olivia was born @ 5:44am, weighting 5 pound 9 or 2.51kg and 49cm she was just .1kg over having to be sent to the nursery...phew very happy about that...

My labor was fast...and only about 8 hours from when my waters broke...but only really 4.5 hours of any hard when you guy's hold a pregnancy ritual i think a disclaimer should be added...could induce labor...and it will be like a freight train...only kidding

I think maybe my post on this blog also had something to do with it..coz I'm sure i could feel your support whilst in ta very much!!!!

I wouldn't say my labor was orgasmic..but it was very special this time around and I'm very glad i got the chance to experience it again..but as they say

"That's all folks"

not going a third time...oh no way....

Olivia is sleeping OK at the moment..she still thinks day is night and night is day...but that will all change in the next few days / weeks...especially if her mum has anything to do with it!!!!! will be waking her up to feed more during day and hopefully sleep more at time!!!

Her big brother Bear is so very proud of her....he loves to have a hold and cuddle and he seems to know that he has to be very gentle with her...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Yes that's right I'm in the early!!! stages of labor...little girl does not wish to wait hehehe

So looks like she will be a Pisces!!!

only issue is that she will also be 2 weeks premature..and I'm having to go to the JHH not Belmont..oh well cant be helped.....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pregnancy Ritual

I wanted to say a very big thank you to Lisa and all those that put the effort into my pregnancy ritual on Sunday...

it was truly beautiful.....many thanks to all that came you made it a very special time for me

It was nice to just let someone else do you all know how much i love to be in control of everything!!! so to let go and just enjoy was wonderful

We did have one muggle with us and i was wondering how it would effect the rest of the group but it was great and she really enjoyed herself.

I think that every women should have a ritual to celebrate their pregnancy as so many times it is all about the baby...when you are pregnant you have to do all of the hard work yourself with no in the fact you are the one carrying the baby and nurturing it, growing to have a ritual that focus on you the women is a truly special thing....

It also helps to focus lots of positive energy into your mind and spirit to take into the labor.....

So thanks again i loved every minute.....even if i came there very tired i left feeling uplifted and happy