Thursday, January 29, 2009

A child who is taught to smile at life,
is one who laughs and sings

A child who lives with patience,
learns a way to wait for things

A child who lives with gentleness,
will touch with gentle hands

A child who is understood,
becomes one who understands

Friday, January 23, 2009

Not Much to say

Nothing really to say..but thought i should at least post something...



Oh here's something...

Did you know that the world record for the longest Zucchini was 69 and a half inches in length. The record weight is 65 pounds.

so i think mine may have a wee bit to go yet....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not 1 but 4

Well so far i have had 3 out of my 4 40th Birthday celebrations that i had planned!!!

I had my Witch's kitchen, then breakfast yesterday with the family...then lunch today and Hubby is taking me out this Sat night...phew....well that's 1 thing for every 10 years I've been on this Earth...this time around!!!

Got some great stuff to...

Hubby has out done a 2.5 hour pamper package for Endota Day Spa in king's street...woohoo plus a girlfriend is adding some money to this gift voucher for me!!!! i cant wait....2.5 hours of total me time....

God it's great being 40!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lookie here

How good am I?...6 flowers out and al least another 6 to come out!!!!


ok so Bear is only sleeping for with Mum is what i say...Bear slept from 6:30pm to 6:30am last night woohoo

So will be happy with what i get and i'm giving up worrying about it...

Thanks to all you lovely ladies who have sent love and support via comments, helps muchly

Am using the dear old DVD's at the moment...Bear likes Play School again at the moment so happy about more "Can We Fix It" was getting on my nerves as a certain someone in the Square will know only too well c:-)

Bear is going back to daycare on mondays as of next week and Grandmas on will get me time then...think that i will invest in some good paints/crayons etc so can get Bear to draw paint/make mess.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Bear is now down to 30min naps during the day WTF!!!

If he slept ok at night and did not wake up at the crack of a sparrows 5:30am i would be happy to know that he is dropping his pm nap...not that happy really as i really need the sleep myself at the moment but would cope with it..but as it is I'm so very over trying to work out how to stop him being overtired...

anyone want a toddler!!! going very cheap, dirt cheap infact

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hubby & I

Thought i should, post this pic too, it's hubby and I with long hair back in 1995

Have a laugh on me

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Photo's of Bear...coz I can

Monday, January 12, 2009


10 things I am proud of in myself

1 - That I have only 2 things left to put into my BOS and I'm up to date with my YAAD stuff...happy about that

2 - The exercise that I'm doing whilst pregnant...not as much now but hey I'm 6 months so getting a wee bit tired these days!

3- That i am a very good mother

4 - That i have recognised that i need help now and again, and that i can now ask for it without feeling guilty that I've failed in someway

5 - That i didn't get rid of the cat, but put him outside instead....yes that is better in my eyes coz he would have been put down as he's over 9 years old...and pees in bathrooms!!!

6- That i could tell my Hubby how i felt without judgement or being over emotional

7 - That I've allowed my "creative" streak to have a look in lately

8 - I'm proud of being me

9 - I'm proud of the friends i have, and how they enrich my life

10 - same as number 8, proud of being me

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My stash

Many thanks to all who came to my Witch's Kitchen last night....thought I'd post a pic of my stash.....

I got some very lovely yet Bear has yet to see my "pussy in a box" hehehe

I had a great time and although I'm not actually 40 till the 19th it's good to have more than one celebration i say!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009


I was trying to write a poem for YAAD for AIR, but this came instead...

Breathe flowing out
Watch the wind play with the hair on her neck

She looks so free
She looks so easy

But the storm clouds are gathering
Face change

Mind matters turning over

Her intellect tells her one thing
Her emotions tells her one thing
Her heart full
Her mind bursting

Watch the face change
Calm comes
Calm before the storm?
Calm after the storm?

Breathe flowing out

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Turning the corner

Well it looks like we have turned the corner with Bear's sleep, he is going to sleep @ 6:30pm (which i have to say i love..hmm so maybe will keep it up?) and he is sleeping until; 6/6:30am...nap times are now about 1 hour so i think he is coming out of his over tiredness.

Still going to Dr's on Friday just for a Rego check.

Plus things with Hubby and I seem to be on the up........

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm so good!

Well i know that with my track record of stand on things...and falling off them...maybe going up a ladder yesterday wasn't a good idea...but.....

Wait for it....

it's worth it....

I have finally got some shade on Bears it might not seem much to you all but this room of his is the hottest in the house as the western sun in the afternoons beats down on it and heats it up and i know i wouldn't like to sleep in there.....


I got one of our tarps out of the garage and with the help of some cable ties...secured it to our exisiting shade sail....then went and brought some large tent pents to tie it off the house...

cool or what...even Hubby thinks so.....

So much stuff

I have just realised how much stuff i have...and how much stuff i don't need....... that's a hard one...i love them but I'm wondering just how many times can you read one book before you know if back to front and inside out? then i wonder what's the point of keeping them? I mean if they have been sitting in boxes out in the garage for the last 6 months do i really need them?coz if I'm waiting to put them into a nice bookshelf in a room where i can just sit and read...well that's not happening for quite some years to come! here's one thing that I've never had a problem with getting rid off...if it's old and i cant fit into anymore...chuck it i it only serves as a reminder that you're not that person anymore!!!

Toy's...well if there not mine....not problem i like to give them away really and will be encouraging Bear and little girl to do the same. send them to salvos etc

People...a hard one again coz you never really know if you are going to need them at some later stage!!!! only kidding

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Never knew

Well today was a first for me...never knew there were such things as Kitchen Teas!

I was invited to one this afternoon for a friend who is getting married in a couple of weeks...luckily i had already brought a prezzie...or one would have look a right wally!!

Now the name would suggest that it would be kitchen stuff you would get...hmmm not this little black duck...tons and i mean tons of wine and spirits that would mean hmmmm cellar tea maybe? is there such a thing?


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh dear

I'm not sure but think Bear is trying to drop pm nap :-( or he could be coming down with something as he is off his food, which is very unusual for him! I think a trip to the Dr is in order just to rule sickness out.

You should see the poor wee fellow...his eyes are red and hanging out of his head..but he will only sleep for about 45 mins then we put him to bed early about 6:30pm and have about 3 wake-ups at night which we never normally have! have been told it could be down to over-tiredness, but how the hell do you get them to sleep longer? is there and meds that will knock him out i wonder?

Oh well training for next one....that's what i'm trying to think...what else is there positive about this thing :-(

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First post of 2009

Welcome to 2009 everyone :-)

We have just come back from the beach and I must say I love going to the beach with Bear...he loves the little rock pools just I did as a kid...he is fascinated with all the creatures you can find in loves to pick and throw rocks...hopefully not at an one standing around but you have to watch him...his aim is not always on target hehehe.

Bear fell out of bed the other day and today a bruise has come out under his eye and a his chin...hmm not really sure what he hit on the way down as Hubby said he was pointing to his head when he went in...not surprising really! to have a nanna nap and then a lazy afternoon

love to you all xxx