Friday, December 26, 2008

Over for anonther year

All that fuss and preparation and it's over within 24 hours!!!

Well Bear was well and truly a very big..big..big fire truck...which is now named "MY FIRE TRUCK"...thank god he can now say "truck" clearly as mum was getting a wee bit confused with "truck, duck and stuck" at one stage, much to Bears disgusted!!!! really mum it's quite simple and easy to understand!

He also got lots of books, clothes, gardening he now no longer hit himself in the head with mum's trowel!!!

Mum got a lovely Pandora bracelet which is a tad too big so will need to go back on monday to change it!! but is really lovely and i got some charms to go with it too...

anyway hope you all had a good one...see you all soon!!!