Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Over Tired

Well I'm still battling 45 minutes sleeps with the Bear and now we have early wake ups to deal with...5/5:30am no way!!!!

MIL does not help when she puts him down too late in the day after such an early wake up...1:30pm for his nap, so that means he has been up for over 8 she stays in the room with him until he falls asleep and when he gets this overtired he now wants us to do this too...again NO WAY

I wish that i too could sleep for hours but not happening as now it's up 2/3 times a night for a pee and then the early wake-ups...feel like I'm looking at the world though a fog!!!

Oh well all good training for when little one gets here i suppose!!!

I look through by YAAD work last night and oh no way scary...I've only got one assignment to do...but my BOS...oh much to finish or start even!!!!

I keep hearing the Monty python song "all ways look on the bright side of life" going around in my head!!!!

5 reflections:

Natalie said...

I am soo with you on this one, my little bub is doing the 4:30 am wake up.GROAN

jewell said...

how old's your little one Nat?

Natalie said...

She was eight months yesterday and she doesn't sleep through yet.

We also have a two year old little boy who was diagnosed yesterday with asthma so have been up all night with him as well - and then our day starts at 4:30 a.m. It's really awful, I feel for you.

Being preggy at 40 is no walk in the park either.

I had Noah at 40 and Haylie at 42. It's very tiring but absolutely wonderful :D It's a joy.

jewell said...

thanks Nat...feeling for you too, we were up last night with Bear too..

Plus i'm just waiting for school age to come hehe

Anonymous said...