Monday, February 16, 2009


I wish...

For a whole nights unbroken sleep

That i didn't feel so tired all the time

That i knew how i will be with this next little one

That some people who think it's great to start fires had a heart / soul

That i had a cleaner :-)

That Bear did not get so upset when going to daycare :-(

That money grew on trees

now all that self pity is out of the way....

It's been a rough few days...coz Bear has been up for over an hour an a half most nights....not really anything wrong just up.....and coupled with the fact that I've some down with some kind of does not make for a well mummy.

But on a positive note...i do have a home, my family and friends still here so that is good......

Plus in reading a lot of others blogs i seem to have had a very good major dramas, no real problems....

so thanks Mum & Dad for all that you have done for me!!!

Love you both xxx

7 reflections:

Lisa said...

yep- thats the attitude- Lisa x

Michelle said... may as well adjust cheerfully to no sleep for a while yet.

Thats the way of small children and babies.

It WILL be over one day



Natalie said...

The end of pregnancy is a drag. It is hard when you are up with other little ones too.
Haylie still isn't sleeping through, so we can sympathise with the tiredness.
Lucky you to have lovely parentals, I had gorgeous grandparents and aunties that made up for my shockers.We get the love from somewhere, I think.

Keep well, love.xx

Anonymous said...

Pardon me--I have always wanted to ask a lady--what does it feel like to carry a child? Can you compare it to another experience? Purely out of grace, I assure you; I am visiting you from Natalie's blog.

jewell said...

at the moment it's like having a large beach ball carrying around....

But it's very hard to put into words as the baby moves alot and it can feel werid but wonderful at the same time

Anonymous said...

wow..truly fascinating..I salute you jewell! As a man I will never know what it means to cultivate life--but I love my momma and Grandma (^.^) Bravo!

Anonymous said...