Thursday, May 14, 2009

Strange but true

Had an argument with my mum the other night over the phone...all because mum wanted to tell me that DollyGirl would be better off not wrapped so that she could get her knees up to her chest to relieve her pain....duh mum like i haven't thought of that one myself...but all i really wanted was for her to say, you're doing a good job and it's not long too go...

Then my sister who has Little John...also with colic rang to say that she knows what I'm going through and just for that time on the phone with her i so wished that i was back in England so that we could go through this together....

Oh well as i said to my mum it was my chose to live over here and no i would not move back to England cos it's way to cold and wet for me !!!!

My little sis did say that mum may keep going on about wanting to help us.....but she asked her to come help her this week and mum is only an hour away from my little sis but mum said she didn't feel like it!!! WTF