Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Strange Dreams

Over the last few nights my dreams have been strange indeed...

They all seem to centre around me losing my children in some form or another...

Last nights dream was...

I was at a new years eve party...with the children and i was having a good time when all of a sudden it's 2 minutes to midnight and i cant seem to find two of my i had Bear (my son) with me but couldn't find my other son and daughter...

Now the very strange thing here is i only have two children a boy and a girl...

but in all my dreams lately there has always been another child and it's a boy and he is between my son and daughter in age so that would make him about 2...

Anyway i then try to get my phone to work to call hubby / friends about the missing children but you know how it is in dreams you can never seem to dial the right numbers or even turn the phone on....

well a friend at the party tells me that my daughter bumped her head but it wasn't bad and she was taken away....take where...hubby has her.....

The dream ends with my trying to get my hubby to let me see my daughter...but he wont...

Strange but true

Blessed Be

5 reflections:

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