Monday, June 21, 2010

Weeks gone by

It would seem the last couple of weeks have passed me by.....i have been rather sick with a chest infection that really did knock me for six, got given antibiotics that made me very sick and then Olivia got sick..and is now only getting better, with her temp now normal, after being up to 39.6 at one a trip to hospital, GP after hours was the result....but no antibiotics for her...just let her body work it out????

phew.....Bear now has a bad cough and Hubby again the only healthy one amongst us..

On the silver cloud website is working well, have had a few enquiries so far, so that's good...

So no Yule logs to show you as household not been up to it, or should say i haven't been up to it :-)

So happy Yule everyone......yule logs next year!!!!


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