Thursday, July 9, 2009

All big Kev'd

Amazing how the universe works....

i did a visionary broad at Stroud.....which is now sitting on my toilet door...underneath a sign i made up a while ago...saying "if i can image it i can achieve it"

I thought it was a great place to put it as i would get to see it lots of times during the day / night hehehe

This part of my visionary broad is for my aim at getting fit again....and it's working really well...i have cut out/down my sugar and bread and pasta that i used to eat so much of and now am eating more fruit/veg's and i have cut my portion size using a smaller plate as it helps to make you think you are still eating the same amount when your not!!!!

This part is about my Dragons and how i want to get some Dragon Orcale cards printing and when i saw this course "fantasy watercolour/pencil class" in the WEA.....well i just had to i can learn how to draw fairies, witches..hehehe and of course Dragons....

Amazing..just amazing....

even my bad head cold that i now have can not stop me!!!!!