Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wait n see

I have made an appointment on the 7th August with a lovey Dr in the Linguard who is said to be a very helpful friend went to see her after the birth of her second child and she does not make you take the medication if you don't want to and if she feels that there is not a real need for you to do so...a high dose of Omega 3 fish oil is said to be very good for this kind of I'm going to try and find some today..

i still feel that it is somewhat related to my periods as it is a week away and the rage/overwhelm feels that i have are getting is the time that i seem not be able to cope with DollyGirls crying at all...not even for a minute!!!

But when it's over i can deal with her crying ok...not brilliantly but ok...

oh well it's a wait n see i surpose

3 reflections:

Wendy said...

Yes, I've noticed that pattern is more prominent these days - a week beforehand and everything is harder to cope with. Chocolate and wine help but not an ideal solution, me thinks! Let me know how you go with the Omega3. Blessings ♥

Tania said...

Vitex agnus castus, or chaste berry, was the only thing that helped me during that week prior.
It's an absolute blessing and helped me be sane


somebody said...