Sunday, March 8, 2009

Olivia Rose

So our little baby girl made her entry into this world 3 weeks early...hmmm looks like we have a get and go girl on our hands....

Olivia was born @ 5:44am, weighting 5 pound 9 or 2.51kg and 49cm she was just .1kg over having to be sent to the nursery...phew very happy about that...

My labor was fast...and only about 8 hours from when my waters broke...but only really 4.5 hours of any hard when you guy's hold a pregnancy ritual i think a disclaimer should be added...could induce labor...and it will be like a freight train...only kidding

I think maybe my post on this blog also had something to do with it..coz I'm sure i could feel your support whilst in ta very much!!!!

I wouldn't say my labor was orgasmic..but it was very special this time around and I'm very glad i got the chance to experience it again..but as they say

"That's all folks"

not going a third time...oh no way....

Olivia is sleeping OK at the moment..she still thinks day is night and night is day...but that will all change in the next few days / weeks...especially if her mum has anything to do with it!!!!! will be waking her up to feed more during day and hopefully sleep more at time!!!

Her big brother Bear is so very proud of her....he loves to have a hold and cuddle and he seems to know that he has to be very gentle with her...

5 reflections:

Michelle said...


So glad it all went well for you.

You know what to expect this time so I hope it's more peaceful.

You didn't put a picture in...I am sulking now!


Natalie said...

She is absolutely beautiful. A princess.

You look beautiful too, love.

Heartfelt congratulations on a job well done to you, and the witches!xx

Hippy Witch said...

Ya, she is beautiful, can't wait to have a cuddle. Can I come over Tuesday morning?

Lisa said...

yes, we certainly know how to bring a baby about !!!!!
eggs have been buried !!!

Anonymous said...