Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Came home on Sat late morning then silly me thought it would be a great idea for us all to go to Glendale to shop....hmmm whatever was i thinking....

I really wanted to go as i had just spent 4 days in hospital and had a bit of cabin fever and as little girl came early we didn't really have stuff for her like a baby bath, formula, wraps so i want ed to get these...then Hubby said we need to get food as we had off we all went....trip went OK but i think i over did it a tad

Sunday was great as Hubby looked after little Girl whilst i got to spent time with Bear....i really missed him over the 4 days i was in and now I'm still finding it hard as I'm also so used spending my days with just am trying to aim for the mornings as Bear and Mum time and the rest of the day wing it!!!!

Midwife was here today and she is happy with little Girls progress....thanks to Diana who came over and told me to check what i was feeding her as we were trying to give her too much....don't want an over weight girl on my hands..she will never forgive me!!!

so we know how much roughly she needs per day based on her birth weight, that makes mum much happier as any of you that know me knows...i like my routine hehehehe

Will be kind to myself in the next few days and will use tomorrow when Bears at Grandmas to rest and do nothing......oh well maybe catch up on some of the programs that i taped

5 reflections:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Helen.....for sure do as little as possible you have just had a baby for goodness sake.....she must be beautiful!!!!w.w.

dragonesque said...

Yay, out into the world with the Bearette. Hope you got all of the things you needed. There's just so much - roll on the baby bonus!

Natalie said...

Take it easy !
(from one who didn't) the world will still be there.
Time, to get to know Little girl, is more precious by far.xx

Lisa said...

sending love Helen to you all- be kind to you- wow she is one week old already xx

Anonymous said...