Thursday, July 2, 2009

some hope

well DHead may have just redeemed himself by the skin of his teeth...he has said now that he can get on week off compassionate leave and one week off un-paid leave...

Sis was wondering why the hell he never said anything about this before...his reply "I had to check with the new boss" far enough...but why not tell Sis in the first place rather than leave her thinking that he didn't give a flying whatever!!!

Men...some should be shot at birth

2 reflections:

Wendy said...

Until our recent holiday, in the 16 years that hubby and I have been together I have had to create human life in order for him to have any time off work and even then he's back as soon as I come home from hospital, barely able to walk or pick up baby due to c-section. Am I resentful? Sometimes. Can I look passed it to see that it is just his way of supporting and providing for the family? Well, I try. Do I just have to put on my big girl panties and work out what I can and can't do about it? Hell, yes. I don't always fair so good, but I do keep trying and I appreciate the support of family and friends, even if they can't be there at the time, knowing that they care and will be a shoulder when I need one helps a lot. I'm sure your sister really appreciates your love and support and knows how much you care through all you do and all you say.

Anonymous said...