Monday, August 31, 2009 take or not to take, to give or not to give

you know i have often wondered if giving advice is actually you just giving your opinion?

can you ever give advice to an-one without this opinion getting in the way?

because you wouldn't be giving advice on a subject that you didn't know anything about would you?

so are you giving out information to help some-one or to put your point / opinion across?

and as for taking the said advice


i mean if you wanted some-ones opinion would you not just ask for it?

it seems strange to me that people will come up and try to give you the advice when you haven't asked for it in the first place and then expect you to be over the moon cos they have chosen to impart their vast knowledge to you.....when they are 20 years younger than you!!!!

what life knowledge do they have that could help you?

not that's wrong of course they have some knowledge but i just don't like it when they feel that a Dr is wrong and they are soooo right........

5 reflections:

Michelle said...

Opinions are like arseholes Helen, everybody's got one....take what feels right and dump the rest.


Jewell said...

yeah your right...i'm just having a rant!!!

Dick0369 said...


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