Thursday, January 15, 2009


Bear is now down to 30min naps during the day WTF!!!

If he slept ok at night and did not wake up at the crack of a sparrows 5:30am i would be happy to know that he is dropping his pm nap...not that happy really as i really need the sleep myself at the moment but would cope with it..but as it is I'm so very over trying to work out how to stop him being overtired...

anyone want a toddler!!! going very cheap, dirt cheap infact

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Anchell said...

Poor mummy bear

Its what they do...perhaps if you dont give him a day nap for a few days he may start sleeping better at night?

jewell said...

hmm never thought of that one...might try it...helps my dear

Lisa said...

poor you - it just what toddlers do- neither of my two where still sleeping at all during the day at this age- and the heat doesnt help either- poor you- i think maybe he will be awake all day and the overtiredness will balance itself out.

Natalie said...

As IF!!

My sympathies to you. Especially being tired and pregnant in this heat. GROAN. xxoo

jewell said...

thanks ladies...heat and pregnancy do not a good mix make

Jen said...

oh dear yes, i remember that!! I hated it when they dropped their day sleep. They were younger then bear too I think.

I know what it was like being pregnant through the heat - two of my three were born in autumn, stinking hot summers - yukky - so i know how you feel.

jewell said...

Jen: how do you get any "me" time after they drop that last sleep?
do you still give them rest-time?

Natalie said...

Jen and I both just got a mallet. :D

Then we rang each other and cried -

'cause that didn't work either! :(

But they have all made it to teens.



Jen said...

yep - and we called it a 'hammersetic'

oh Helen - you just need to learn to live with it. Try to get some things for him to do that you can leave him doing while you do your stuff. Sometimes TV or DVD's can be good babysitters. (who cares what the parenting police think - you need your own space)

and - preschool. (see above remark re parenting police) Or maybe family day care if you would be more comfortable with that.

Especially when this new baby comes along - some space would be good.

;) hugs

jewell said...

thanks guy's

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