Monday, January 12, 2009


10 things I am proud of in myself

1 - That I have only 2 things left to put into my BOS and I'm up to date with my YAAD stuff...happy about that

2 - The exercise that I'm doing whilst pregnant...not as much now but hey I'm 6 months so getting a wee bit tired these days!

3- That i am a very good mother

4 - That i have recognised that i need help now and again, and that i can now ask for it without feeling guilty that I've failed in someway

5 - That i didn't get rid of the cat, but put him outside instead....yes that is better in my eyes coz he would have been put down as he's over 9 years old...and pees in bathrooms!!!

6- That i could tell my Hubby how i felt without judgement or being over emotional

7 - That I've allowed my "creative" streak to have a look in lately

8 - I'm proud of being me

9 - I'm proud of the friends i have, and how they enrich my life

10 - same as number 8, proud of being me