Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh dear

I'm not sure but think Bear is trying to drop pm nap :-( or he could be coming down with something as he is off his food, which is very unusual for him! I think a trip to the Dr is in order just to rule sickness out.

You should see the poor wee fellow...his eyes are red and hanging out of his head..but he will only sleep for about 45 mins then we put him to bed early about 6:30pm and have about 3 wake-ups at night which we never normally have! have been told it could be down to over-tiredness, but how the hell do you get them to sleep longer? is there and meds that will knock him out i wonder?

Oh well training for next one....that's what i'm trying to think...what else is there positive about this thing :-(

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Natalie said...

How old is Bear? I'd probably get things checked out, especially if he is normally a good sleeper.



jewell said...

Bear is 27 months and yes did think it could be ears...but he's got a very hoarse voice to at the moment

Lisa said...

maybe teeth ?
maybe some bush flower drops or bach flowers ?
why not give visionary health a call if the doctor cant find anything x

jewell said...

have tried reuse sleep, not sure it's teeth as pain meds mke not diffance

Natalie said...

My little Cutie boy is 29 months and has been really crooked with a bacterial chest /asthma added onto thing, and would not sleep. And CROONKY poor little thing.

Go to Doctors o.k? xx

jewell said...

yeah going to call up Dr's 2mrw

Anonymous said...