Monday, March 16, 2009

"The daughter never gives up on the mother, just as the mother never gives up on the daughter.
There is a tie there so strong that nothing can break it"
Rachel Billington

I can only hope that Little Girl and I have that strong tie

Did you know.....

The oldest know animal was a tortoise, which lived to be 152 years old

Goes to show life at a slower pace and look how long you could live to!!!!

3 reflections:

Lisa said...

you and olivia would already have that tie--but take it from me, as a mother of two, boy and girl- the tie with your daughter in NO WHERE near the tie you have with your son.
Mother/son ties are genetic- they judge every other women in the world by US, their mums- girls judge every other women in the world by themselves.

I am so glad you are enjoying your motherhood xxx

jewell said...

what a lovely comment..thanks lisa..hugs

Kristy said...

I HAVE found one of the sleeping bags. Struggling to find the other one but have a little package for you anyway.

Will keep looking.

Not long to go now!!!!!