Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dear Dad

Today I have been thinking about you a lot, as it’s been 2 years since you left this world….

I was remembering the time that I climbed out of my bedroom window…after I made my sister promise on her own death that she would not breathe a word of where I had gone (we shared a room) and went out with my boyfriend of the time only to try to come back through the window to find it shut and you standing looking out at me!!! Oh my god…did I get into trouble or what….

And the time when you came into our bedroom to smack our bottoms because my sister and I would not go to sleep, we were talking instead, I told Sis to put a hardback book on our bums….you smacked me first then…made a very strange noise and walked out the bedroom…only to come back with the wooden spoon!!! You took the book away and …….never used the wooden spoon……

The time spend with you in the garage just handing you screws, nails, tools were some of my happiest times…as I had you all to myself.

I never knew until your funeral just how proud you were of me that day I had to catch two buses and walk an hour to get to a job interview, only to have the employment agency get the time wrong in the first place and I turned up 30 minutes late anyway…I got the job through because I didn’t take no for an answer. You told my sisters all about it on many occasions they told me when ever they didn’t try very hard to get something!!!

Sometimes Dad I wished you had told me…..would it have been so hard to have done so?

I miss you Dad, I miss the fact the children will never know what a great Papa you would have been…..that they will only know you through photos and my memories.

I remember how we used to ride around on your back pretending that you were our very own race horse…your knees must have been so sore after doing this for the 3 of us…but never a word of complaint did we hear.

So many memories I have to treasure….and I am extremely grateful for them….

I love you still very much and miss you everyday

Your darling Daughter

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Cyndy said...


Natalie said...

I am sure he is bursting with pride and love.
A beautiful letter, Helen.xx

Anonymous said...

so beautiful.....I am sure he is listening and around you...w.w.

Wendy said...

You honour him well with your wonderful memories and your children will feel that and will learn good lessons about life and about family through that when you look at the photos and share your thoughts with them.

Your post brought tears to my eyes; thanks for sharing, Helen ♥

Tania said...

That's beautiful Helen,
I hope you're ok

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