Saturday, June 20, 2009


i am really struggling at the moment...

today is my Dad's birthday and tomorrow is fathers day in England so all that coupled with the anniversary on the 9th of this month makes it a very hard month for me indeed.

I think that i am sliding into a depressed state as I'm finding increasingly hard to enjoy life at the moment.

I have so much but still i cant seem to see it for what it's worth

6 reflections:

Natalie said...

Get some help,Helen.Please take care.xx♥

Michelle said...

Helen, you have just stated several good reasons for you to be feeling down right now. That combined with 3 months of no sleep is bound to leave you feeling like shit. Go see the doctor and get it before it gets you. You are loved lady, and your dad is with you....let him show you.

Lots of love to you

Me xxxx

Tania said...

Please ask for help. Go to the Doctor, and call on your friends. Let me know when I can come over and give you a break and/or a hug

Lisa said...

Helen, please get to a doctor on Monday- this is too hard for you to face on your own.
Please sweetheart, for your sake and the kids, get some help.

Lisa xxx

Wendy said...

Your feelings are valid and when you try to deny or downplay them with the 'count your blessings' train of thought then you are limiting your ability to work through what you are experiencing at the moment.

It's ok to have down times. Acknowledge them and make sure you get the help and support you need. You will get through this but unless you fully explore where they are coming from then they will return with the same intensity.

Once you start to understand them, however, the pain will lessen when the unavoidable triggers such as dates and anniversaries come around again.

You have to have the rain if you are going to have the rainbow as well and I know that there is still a bright side and a part that can make you smile in all you are feeling at the moment.

It's ok, Helen. It is sometimes hard but it will pass. Don't feel that you are in this alone as you have a loyal companion always with you as you walk your path.

Brightest blessings to you now and always,

Anonymous said...