Monday, June 22, 2009

Lets wait and see

am going to a naturopath this morning, as i want to try the natural way first before going to my Dr, but i thank you all for your comments and support.

Yes this month is a bad one for me and as dear Kora said i need to work out why it still hurts so much...i was sitting yesterday trying to remember if i was as upset / sad last year at this time and i realised that i wasn't....


Because i was too concerned with whether i was pregnant or is my sadness based on whether I've got nothing in my life to focus on or is it that i get so catch up in all that is to do with me that i don't have time to think of anything else?

If that is the case have a ever really let myself grieve for my Dad?

My thinks a trip to the counselor would be a great help