Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bad night/bad day

well the title really says it all!!!

Little Madam was up in the night and then so was between the two mum had 2 hours sleep...lucky me grrr

Am just holding out for the specialist apt at the end of this i know that it may not be the "holy Grail" as hubby called it but at least will have some idea is to why LG is so upset after her bottles all the time!!!! if it's just colic will know that i have to just deal with it and she will grow out of it after about 3 months, if it's reflux then hopefully we can get some meds to help her...and if no anwser then i'm going on strike!!!!!

4 reflections:

Lisa said...

poor you- i remember one night BJ ( before joshua)when Prue and I were both throwing up and sick and poor HOM was up all night as you describe..awful..........
prue had reflux and would throw up constantly but never screamed in pain and one of my girlfriends child, Ryan, he had colic for almost a year- needless to say, she never had another baby-ever.


Michelle said...

Poor you.

Hope it is all fixed up soon. Screaming babies are no fun :(

Anonymous said...

I will send you some toothpicks for your eyes sweetie...hang in there, they will turn 13 before you know it!w.w.

Anonymous said...