Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well this morning LG was calm as...took her bottle, a bath and then had a burp then looked around and lay on her back just watching the world go by......only a little screaming...just when she got tired......hmmm who swap my baby...

No, no I'm so not complaining......

went off to buy baby swing this god the price of those things...and they have such a limited life....oh well if it works and keeps her happy and calm...i am all for it.....

I looked online first to see what was out there...i saw one from a company called Graco...and it looks like a space pod...and you can take off the head rest thing so you can wear it so baby can smell you all the time whilst in the space pod...but at over $280 not for me.

So the one that i brought was a pink one..yes that's right a pink one, and this is from someone who said so many times..."I'm not buying pink stuff for LG" oh well one can change one's mind...I'm female

it cost $150 and it works..yeah..woohoo...phew

it has 6 speeds and 6 music tunes...very naff but hey whatever works and oh yes did i say it's very pink!!!

so between this new pink swing and the fact that i'm now going with the flow as far as LG and settling her thinks things have been a wee bit better

4 reflections:

Jen said...

Oh Helen, what price for peace??

That is EXCELLENT news.

Going with the flow is essential if you want to get any rest. In my experience, you arent able to force anyting til they are a good few months old. Up til then, its just all about getting some rest. Who cares about the rest.

Pink is good. Its all about the heart and healing. Most excellent.

Still, if you need to talk, just give me a call.

Luv Jen

jewell said...

thanks's good to know so many others have been thur the same thing and can give me advise/suggestions

Natalie said...

Yay! Hope all settles soon for you all.xx♥

Anonymous said...