Thursday, April 9, 2009

Healing SOS

Can you all please send healing ASAP to my Sister Andrea and her new baby boy.....he was born 12:10am this morning and is only 5lb8oz. He had the cord wrapped twice around his neck and is now in intensive care.

They haven't named as of yet...but any healing you can send would be greatly received.


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Michelle said...


And I felt it big time!


Cyndy said...

Thinking of you all, Helen xoxox

Dragonesque said...

Sending love and healing to Andrea and her baby. Though they face uncertainty at this time, may they also feel the blessings of the many who care and take the path that leads them to a future of joy and happiness.

Natalie said...

On to it.xx♥

Tania said...

sending long distance love and healing.

Thinking of your family

Anonymous said...

All my love and best wishes for the bub!w.w.

Cyndy said...

Hi Helen. I msg'd my photographer friend re the whooping cough thing, & here's the msg that she sent me back.

"Hey Cyndy,
The baby sounds perfect for me, the only suggestion i can give her is to ring her doctor to ask if it's ok. There will only be two of us there, as well as her and her baby.
She will get a free print out of the shoot, and a discount on framed prints. I have a photographer from Sydney coming up who wants me to show her how to pose a baby. It could take up to 3 hours or more.
If she's interested, can you get her to give me a ring at the studio today on 02 402 333 34, or at home over the weekend on 49477 805.
Thanks so much Cyn..
Happy Easter

I'm not meaning to be pushy here at all, but her work is so beautiful: it is usually very expensive, as most of these things tend to be, and I know that if it my baby, then I would love the opportunity to have this lovely keepsake. Kelly has just opened a new studio in Belmont.

Have a good weekend. ;0)

jewell said...

Dr has said to keep her away from any one with a cold/cough which is hard to do when you don't really know the people.

Thanks for thinking of us but will give it a miss as i'd rather be safe than sorry xx

Anonymous said...