Sunday, April 5, 2009


i have been thinking about my magickal i change it or should it stay that same?

Jewell is the magickal name i go by now, but something is telling me to honour the mother aspect of myself... the only issue is that i don't feel that i can add to the end of Jewell....and to put something in front of Jewell seems wrong too?

Jewell not right

or Star Jewell that sounds so pretentious.....

I was thinking of using my Dragon name...but again not really sure that's the right thing to do either!!!! I am still working with the Dragosn just not as much as before....

I have looked into the numerlogy of my names...Helen is an 8 and Jewell is a 4 so not sure if i should go with an 8 or a 4?

Have tried to meditate but as you can imagine...meditaton with a little baby...not very good

2 reflections:

Dragonesque said...

Yes, this is such a difficult process - I hear ya, sister! It's like something that should just land in your lap by divine providence but it rarely seems to work out that way. For mine, the hesitancy and indecisiveness is a broader issue and once I actively started pursuing and regaining control it was easier. I guess the lesson here is that only you know your own true heart and that you are entirely capable of making your own choices.
Blessings to you on this path.

Anonymous said...