Monday, April 27, 2009

Witch I Am

I still have not really got my head around Saturday night...think that it's due to lack of sleep and still un-settle DollyGirl...

It was a truly wondrous night...very magickal..special and totally was great to be with so many like minded sister..the energy that was raised just from this made my hair stand on end and gave me the shivers...hehehe..not new for me i know but it was at a higher level on Saturday night..

and what beautiful gifts i received....

I was wondering before the night whether to change my magickal name or add onto it...and even when sitting waiting to be brought into circle i still had not really made up my mind..but when i stood to say my vows..."Jewell" was the only name that i felt was right for me at this time...who knows this could change later on..but i doubt it...

I also had a challenge to do for dedication night it was to write out what it meant for my to be a witch....hand write it that my BOS as most of you know that is no mean feat with you have dyslexia!!! and then i read this out on the hear it is ....

Witch I am, witch I be, but what sort of witch will I be?

A book witch?
Who reads everything that I can get my hands on, but then has no time to put into practice what I has learnt from those books.
With excuses poring out like the words from a book!

Witch I am, witch I be, but what sort of witch will I be?

A Coven witch?
Learning from others in a certain transition, but what if I find it too restrictive? Not to my liking….how to get out without losing friendships and sisters?

Witch I am, witch I be, but what sort of witch will I be?

A solitaire witch?
Working on my own, learning at my own pace, but what if I have questions, problems or issues, who do I ask?

Witch I am, witch I be, but what sort of witch will I be?

I will be the witch who is tolerant of others.
Who understands the energies that you put out into the universe will return three fold, mind, body and spirit.

I will be a witch who holds the law “an if it harms none so mote it be” to heart.

I will be the witch that speaks from the heart, with love, compassion and empathy for others.

I will be a witch who knows that she will never know the Wiccan Rede by heart, so will never win the “Dianna” award!!!

I am the witch who has learnt the mother aspect of the Divine and has learnt that motherhood brings with it much love, joy, happiness and tears!

I am the witch that will always try to speak her truth but also accept that others can not always do so, so will not judge others for this.

I am the witch who has still much to learn

I am the witch who has so much still to give