Wednesday, April 15, 2009


GG stands for Great Grandma as Grandma took Bear last night as she has him on Wed, so that meant that i only had to deal with LG all night and not get up to him as i did get a bit more sleep last night but not that much as I have started to give LG less amounts of milk per feed but more of them to try and help her with her reflux...if that's is what she has!!!

anyway due to this she woke up every 2.5 hours..phew hard word for sure.....

I have been trying her on the dummy for the last few weeks but she will only take it now and again, so as she then wakes up after 20mins coz it's fallen out, i think I'll give it up now...or not....very deceive me at the moment!!!

Told Hubby i think he has an issue with drink......and needs to get help, also said i think he might be a bit depressed and maybe anti-depression tablets would help...well that went down like a ton of bricks.....very hard and un-moving!!!!

Will wait and see what happens next!!!

Still haven't written my vows...i kind of know what i'm going to say be have yet to put it down on paper..will try to do it today

I put a die in my hair last night...mighty red it was called...and now i look like Ronald McDonald...thanks god i can just shave it off again!!!

6 reflections:

Lisa said...

alochol is a depressant so chances are if her is rinking too much that is making him depressed........xx

Lisa said...

he is drinking- is what i meant !

Dragonesque said...

Can you keep the red hair until dedication?
Would be very fitting, me thinks ☺

Great, great, great Grandma! It's so wonderful that you have someone to take Bear overnight for you. Is LG sleeping in the day time? Are you?

*hugs* x 50

jewell said...

LG did not want to sleep this morning...had to call a friend over to help as it was hairy at one stage

Cyndy said...

Hang in there, Helen. These are tough times to be sure.

Maybe you need to have mighty red hair. I'm sure that you look fab, anyway.

Love, peace & sleep for you family. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...