Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thanks god it's over

Yes I'm very happy that today is almost over...i do not repeat do not want another day like today..

Maybe i had too higher expectation for know like sleep and so me time!!! LG did not think was all about her....and after my wonderful friend got her to sleep for me she slept for 1.5 hours then i got her to sleep again by putting her in the car seat and going to Glendale to by myself some books...for my sanity....and Glendale is enough to put anyone to sleep if you ask me!!!!

then LG woke @ 4:50pm and had her bottle ok then screamed on and off until Hubby got her to sleep an hour an a half later!!!!

In between that Bear was fed/bathed and bottled!!! phew...bring on school years i say..

Needless to say no vows were written today....not in the right frame of mind...hmmm wonder why.

PS my sister's little boy who is called William Robert Colin....yes i know lots of doing much better and can keep his blood sugars up by himself. My sister is coming home today but bub is still in hospital...contained love and healing is appreciated