Thursday, April 16, 2009


Dr has no real idea as to what the hell is wrong with her....said to try a different formula then wait for specialist apt which he is going to ring the other Dr to see if we can get in earlier than the 29th!!!

He did say she could have a blockage in her stomach or a problem with her oesophagus, again have to wait for specialist!!!!

4 reflections:

Michelle said...

Oh poo.

The lady upstairs from me here at the office has an 8 week old who screams her head off incessantly....she went to the specialist too and bub was fine...bad reflux colic or something. Have you tried, and you probably have, any of the colic medicines? Or even a sedative?

Feeling for you xxx

Natalie said...

Oh poor little LG! Poor little family!
I am feeling for you, I would have come to help, but I was at Doc's too this morning. Soz, love. Love and healing to you all.xx♥

Kristy said...

Oh Helen. Yuck!

The poor girls of the house.


Anonymous said...