Saturday, April 18, 2009

no idea

you know this morning LG got up @ 6;30 which was great....but then for the next 1.5 hour screamed on and i now have a bad headache and so wish she would get over it...coz her mum is over it....

The thing is she is in pain..if this goes on over the weekend it's off to the A&E at the John to get her checked out coz it's not right that's all i know...

i really don't think it's colic as she is not showing the signs and if it is reflux why oh why is she happy sometimes on her back and me peddling her legs? that's more of a lower bowel thing

Dr knows nothing and says wait...hmmm so easy for him to say that, he not have to listen to the noise she makes...coz she is always on her best behaviour at the Dr's